In this week’s Side Eye Podcast, Urban Dictionary gives us the terms Introdouche and Party Pressure! We also give a HUGE side eye to the controversial Samantha Brick and her “Why Women Hate Me for Being Beautiful” article. An impassioned Nikki picks apart whether the real question is if she really is THAT beautiful, or if delusion plays the biggest factor. Ms. Brick even “introdouches” herself in the first sentence in her article, WTF!

Today’s Trailer Talk gets a little sentimental as it centers around the movie, Lola Versus. See a video of the trailer after the jump!

And in other news, Traci is NOT a slut. Enjoy!

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Scott Storch And I’m mad you said the Samantha Brick looked like a garden gnome and that she was in a lifetime movie getting beat down.LOL

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