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This episode of The Side Eye brings to you the discussion of the dreaded Ex-Factor…and we ain’t talking ’bout no songs! We dig deep in the depths of relationships past as Nikki shares her theory of returning exes. Ever wondered what it would be like if trash-talking was a viable life skill? Well, we explore that possibility for you. Learn about the Urban Dictionary terms “bipolar coaster” and “anxiarrhea” – they’re probably exactly what you think they are! This episode’s Trailer talk brings to you the movies, Celeste and Jesse Forever, and The Girl from the Naked Eye. There’s a lot of love being shared in this one, so snuggle up with the person that makes you barf the least!

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  1. Stephanie says:

    I went through the Ex-factor situation twice. And this was before facebook was popular, so I know there must have been some kind of signal or radar going off in his head to let him know that I was happy in a relationship…and that was his cue to try and weasel his way back in. It’s like they all have it! lol

    • tracekilla says:

      Right! When you just want some peace, it’s the worst! It wouldn’t be so bad if he actually had a purpose that moved the situation forward. But so far, each time it just seems like a waste of my time.

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