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Merry Chrismahanukwanzakah! Or just Happy Day if none of the former applies to you. It looks like everything’s still intact after the so-called “Mayan Apocalypse” so since you’re here you might as well take a bite out of our Super Special, Super Packed, and Super Fun Side Eye episode – just in time for all of your holiday and year-end festivities. We have our very first featured guests on the show, DC comedians Jamal Newman and Charlie Visconage! Get to know a little more about them through our revealing questions and as they share their own experiences with the Urban Dictionary terms “concubone” and “chronasseur”. We all share our year-end reflections and new year projections, and give major side eyes to the people on MTV’s show Catfish. Finally, Trailer Talk brings to us the movie, Man of Steel and Django Unchained. Gather ’round the tree, kids, Santa’s giving out side eyes this year!


Visit The Charlie Visconage Show Facebook page for more hilarity and to get the scoop on upcoming shows! Our very own Nikki is a writer with the show, as well as Jamal Newman.

Check out more from Charlie on The Mariya Alexander Show podcast.

And here’s a crazy funny sketch written by Jamal, featuring Charlie and Nikki!:

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