Episode 37: You Don’t Pour My Cereal

This episode is chock-full of random meanderings, as usual! We touched on such topics as cereal, Donald Trump’s misguided ramblings and whether we like life better as kids or adults. Listen in and be a part of the conversation by leaving us some comments – We’d loooove to hear from you!

Episode 36 (the lost episode): Say It With Your Chest

It’s our first official “lost episode” y’all. Back in April we did a show that inadvertently became all about breakups but didn’t really release it or promote it, but now we’ve decided to share it. Take a listen and let us know if you can relate!

Episode 35: It’s Just a Dick

It’s our February 2015 episode! The Side Eye Girls recap the month of love with their thoughts on the Super Bowl, the talents of Kanye West, The Grammys and so much more! The Girls also share their plans from Valentine’s Day and thoughts on the “right time” to have sex. Enjoy!

Episode 34: Don’t Call It a Comeblack

The first Side Eye of 2015! We have a LARGE chunk of rambling ranging from depression, Naya Rivera’s bathing habits, a strip club for the lovelorn, current trends in race relations, Bow Wow on Mya and so so much more. Enjoy a healthy dose of immature mature content served the only way the Side Eye Girls know how!

Episode 33: Sophistiratchet Tendencies

The Side Eye Girls just want everyone to live their own lives. We go on several tangents in this hefty episode, chatting about topics including Kanye’s chevrons, Aretha Franklin’s latest work and nude artwork. It’s a new week, a new day and new Side Eye – Enjoy!

Episode 32: Single-shame and the Price of Fame

Side eyes all around to those who try to shame single people, and the privacy debate over the celebrity nudes leak. The Girls also share which reality TV shows you might find them on. This episode is brought to you by the Urban Dictionary terms “Oprah Dollars”, “Flintstone Feet” and “Steppin’ on my dick”.

Episode 31: Offtopic

Summer 2014, Utopia, Blue Ivy’s edges and much more foolishness. Join the Girls for a meaty episode of The Side Eye, brought to you by the Urban Dictionary terms, “Fuck-off o’clock” and “Abeerance.”

Episode 30: Bigfoot in Lacoste

The Side Eye welcomes back the mayor of Mango City, rapper/filmmaker Jeff Ray! In this episode we give the side eye to the current state of black television and to people who give empty advice. You’ll also learn which group we all belonged to in high school. Enjoy!

Episode 29: 2 Years of Foolishness!

The Side Eye Girls celebrate another year of bringing you their silly, yet sometimes thoughtful, banter! In this episode, the side eye is given to people who assume things about your finances, the latest tactics in viral marketing, and Traci gives the side eye to a family member. The Girls also get really personal through some probing questions. Enjoy!

Episode 28: Going Alfred

The Side Eye welcomes back DC-based comedian and improv performer, Charlie Visconage, to the show! Find out about his favorite late night activities, his thoughts on “ABC Sex,” and his initial reactions to season 2 of “House of Cards.” The Side Eye Girls and Charlie all weigh in on how to handle bitches in the Side Eye’s first mailbag question! Also, Charlie love Settlers of Catan.