Episode 27: Where My Femcees At?

steviewonderBWith the recent release of Nicki Minaj’s “Lookin’ Ass Niggas”, the Side Eye Girls wonder what’s up with the continuing lack of women in the rap world. They discuss the very elusive “Urban Renaissance Man” and “Easy Likes” via the urban dictionary. And Traci gives an impromptu side eye to dudes that try to mac on social media. Enjoyyyyyy!

Episode 26: #genuine


The Side Eye welcomes back the intelligent and always hilarious comedian, Jamal Newman! We’re all giving the side eye to the people up in arms about Jerry Seinfeld’s comments about diversity in comedy, and talk about friendships that drift apart. Be prepared to laugh your heads off!

Episode 25: Wasted.


An episode full of tangents! The Girls get really random in this one, and yet somehow are able to get back on track to give the side eye to people who want  to discourage you from achieving what you want in life while you pursue a passion. See if you can keep up with the topics!

Episode 24: Monopenis Day

Funny-Valentines-Day-14 copy Nikki and Traci are back to give you foolishness just in time for Valentine’s Day! Curl up with your loved one and listen in as the Girls give the side eye to people who make high demands from a relationship and to a woman who is addicted to pissy pampers. This episode brought to you by the urban dictionary terms, “Spectaphile” and “Monopenis.” Enjoy!

Guy Branum Roasts “The Roast of James Franco”

From the show Totally Biased on Comedy Central, this goes right along with the discussion we had in our episode, Premature Articulation. Special thanks for this submission goes out to our loyal listener Stephanie W.J.!

Episode 23: Three(somes) Company


The Side Eye Girls welcome their first-ever female guest to the show, writer/blogger Naomi Davis! The girls talk candidly with Naomi about her blog called Embrace the Crazy, losing weight, and sex. Lots of sex. And hypothetical threesomes. You’ll also learn about the Urban Dictionary term “Phoneslinger” and what really made Naomi “bang her back out.” Listen in!

Check out Naomi’s many musings and her candid, yet entertaining, commentary about her life on her Embrace the Crazy blog .

You can also share your thoughts and reactions with her on the Embrace the Crazy Facebook page. So you should go “Like” it!

And last but not least, you can follow Naomi on twitter, @softwatches.

Episode 22: Premature Articulation

Episode 22

The Girls welcome back DC funny dude, Jamal Newman, as their special guest! Listen in as they discuss the intrusive settings on Spotify, the “roasting” of Sarah Silverman, and the REAL reason that George Washington Carver found many uses for peanuts. The Urban Dictionary brings to you the terms “Premature Articulation” and “E-void.” And Grammar Nerds out there, please help Traci with placing her punctuation earlier in her sentences.

For more hilarity from Jamal, check out his Facebook page and his twitter page, @cmicreleaf247.


WTF – Why the Foolishness? Twerkin Gone Wrong

Can this please mark the end of the epidemic???!

Episode 21: Twerk Responsibly.


The Girls are back for another season of The Side Eye! In this episode, Nikki and Traci talk a bit about a cat mayor, Miley Cyrus and a sitdown between the KKK and the NAACP(??). Learn what it means to get “food herp” and to be “nuts to butts” from the Urban Dictionary. Get reacquainted with the Girls and receive a healthy dose of Side Eye goodness!

Episode 20: We Believe You Can Fly

18th Annual Soul Train Music Awards - Show

In this special episode of the Side Eye, the Girls bring some positivity by giving the side eye to limiting yourself. Here to help them is the producer of the Charlie Visconage Show and the creator of Jeff’s Happy Buddha Show, Jeff Hughes. Through his candid interview, he offers great advice and insight into pursuing your goals. We also talk a bit about improv, comedy and our favorite comedians! This episode is brought to you by the Urban Dictionary term “No sweat off my balls”, and there will be no sweat off of YOUR balls if you apply some of these tips to any projects you want to start!

Here it is!

To check out all of the things Jeff is working on, follow him on his facebook page, and stay in the loop for upcoming Happy Buddha Shows here.