Episode 19: Common Censortivity

In this episode the Side Eye Girls are rejoined by special guest, DC comedian,  improv performer and new head writer for The Charlie Visconage Show, Jamal Newman! We’re giving the side eye to censorship in comedy, and have a damn good time keeping ourselves uncensored! Find out what Jamal thinks about the song “Bette Davis Eyes” and how he uses Google to scout out neighborhoods before he visits them. Also, the Urban Dictionary gives us the term “Eyeolating.” To enjoy this episode, please check your sensitvities at the door!

Episode 19:

For more on Jamal and the projects that he’s working on, check out his Facebook page!


Episode 18: Footus Biggums


This episode features our super funny special guest – DC based writer, videographer and rapper Jeff Ray! We’re giving the side eye to Ted Mosby and other douchebag brunette archetypes in TV. Plus, find out what words we think SHOULD be in the Urban Dictionary. And if any of you have new leads on Bigfoot, please, please contact us.

To find more from our guest, Jeff Ray, visit his website mangocitymedia.com and follow him on twitter @pifftannen.


Episode 17: Do Ya’ll N***as Still Say “Haters?”


In this episode, Nikki and Traci give the side eye to some current examples of “haters” or people that just need to lighten up. The Side Eye Girls give their own spin on honoring Black History Month by highlighting some of their favorite movies in black cinema. This episode also brings to you the Urban Dictionary term, “Out of Pocket”. Curl up with your favorite sex toy and say a prayer with this one!

Yes, Another Harlem Shake Video

This one features Nikki, and previous Side Eye guests Charlie Visconage and Jamal Newman!

Episode 16: My Girlfriend’s Real!

photo credit: salon.com

photo credit: salon.com

The Side Eye Girls can’t seem to get enough of MTV’s show Catfish. Join us as we give the side eye to deception and one of Catfish’s most outrageous episodes yet! Speaking of deception, Manti Te’o – we are lookin’ at you bro! This episode is brought to you by the Urban Dictionary term, “Thirsty”, and we discuss upcoming movie Pain & Gain in our Trailer Talk. DC comedian, Charlie Visconage, joins us again for the foolishness! You’ve got to hear the show that Nikki and he are planning to do… Continue reading

Episode 15: Smell Ya Later

photo credit: eucalyptusmagazine.com

It’s the first Side Eye episode of 2013! But sadly it’s Traci’s last Side Eye before moving to the west coast. **tear** In today’s show, we discuss the Urban Dictionary terms “brinksmanshit” and “resolutionist”. After sharing our goals for the new year, we then give the Side Eye to some of the backlash against Django Unchained and failing to protect oneself with a prenup. In Trailer Talk we give you the rundown on The Incredible Burt Wonderstone and the Baz Luhrmann remake of The Great Gatsby. If you cry, it better be from all the laughter!

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Some Holiday Hilarity

Written by our lovely Nikki from The Side Eye, ‘Twas the Wednesday Before Kwanzaa introduces you to Jan, a zealous office assistant looking to bond with her coworkers.

Episode 14: A Man’s Touch

photo credit: parenthub.com

photo credit: parenthub.com

Merry Chrismahanukwanzakah! Or just Happy Day if none of the former applies to you. It looks like everything’s still intact after the so-called “Mayan Apocalypse” so since you’re here you might as well take a bite out of our Super Special, Super Packed, and Super Fun Side Eye episode – just in time for all of your holiday and year-end festivities. We have our very first featured guests on the show, DC comedians Jamal Newman and Charlie Visconage! Get to know a little more about them through our revealing questions and as they share their own experiences with the Urban Dictionary terms “concubone” and “chronasseur”. We all share our year-end reflections and new year projections, and give major side eyes to the people on MTV’s show Catfish. Finally, Trailer Talk brings to us the movie, Man of Steel and Django Unchained. Gather ’round the tree, kids, Santa’s giving out side eyes this year!


Visit The Charlie Visconage Show Facebook page for more hilarity and to get the scoop on upcoming shows! Our very own Nikki is a writer with the show, as well as Jamal Newman.

Check out more from Charlie on The Mariya Alexander Show podcast.

And here’s a crazy funny sketch written by Jamal, featuring Charlie and Nikki!:

Episode 13: Back and Almost Gone Again

photo credit: Cool Kashi @ deviantart.com

photo credit: Cool Kashi @ deviantart.com

We’ve been up and down, in and out, and there and back with you all year. So here’s another long-awaited episode after another big hiatus. We have big news for ya’ll that, depending on what you think of us, might be on the sad side. But hopefully you’ll perk up as we discuss when not pleasing your lady goes wrong. The Urban Dictionary terms, “garbivore” and “boob tube baby” might get you thinking about your junk food desires and maybe consider an alternative parenting style. Then come alive with us as we discuss the movie, “Warm Bodies” in our Trailer Talk.